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Hm I see the problem is the wrong subdomains we are using which is the reason why some pics cannot be downloaded: --> subdomain_from_url
If you have any idea on how to write this in Java, let me know.
This is our current equivalent to "subdomain_from_url" which seems to be outdated:
     * they do some javascript trickery (check reader.js,common.js). rewritten in java.
     * @param guid
     * @return
     * @throws DecrypterException
    private String getImageHost(final String guid) throws DecrypterException {
        // number of subdmains, var number_of_frontends = 3;
        final int i = 3;
        // guid is always present, so not sure why they have failover. That said you don't need subdomain either base domain works also!
        String g = new Regex(guid, "^\\d*(\\d)$").getMatch(0);
        if (false && "1".equals(g)) {
            g = "0";
        final String subdomain = Character.toString((char) (97 + (Integer.parseInt(g) % i)));
        return subdomain;
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