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Default [Cloudflare] I've lost downloads because of "AntiDDOS"

How in the world do we disable the "anti DDOS" module?

JDownloader has been my dependable go-to, but this is the most frustrating issue I've had with JD2. I've lost downloads due to this module activating and not knowing it. It doesn't help that JD doesn't give any notice or warning that it's been activated, the only way to know is manually scrolling over the Downloads screen and happen to see a cell flagged, which counters usefulness of automated linkgrabber/packagerizer rules if you have to "babysit" the downloads screen continually.

Further frustrating is it seems to activate at random without any clear pattern or ruleset. Is there a per-host ruleset?

This really should be explained in settings. Unless I'm overlooking it, there is zero mention of it anywhere in settings, even under advanced. Was it quietly introduced recently so people wouldn't notice it?

And for the record, I'm nowhere even close to "DDoSing" a host with downloads or anything. That's what's perhaps most frustrating of all.

How do I go about disabling this? TIA
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