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Default generic resume problem

ok, i can verify this error. it occured after the last update to v0.6.111

usually u can download one megaupload file after the other without waiting time.
now after a reconnect (no probs here with the batch reconnects), the app starts to download a megaupload file, then does nothing anymore at all until the next reconnect (until the other files from other hosters are done downloading).
dunno when, but sometimes (rare) after some minutes, it out of the sudden starts the next download.
this occurs with the other hosters too, so e.g. when rapidshare has waited the 15 minutes, it wont start anymore automatically.

btw: logs are empty - no exceptions occured

dont be aggressive on what i write now, but imho you guys fix dozends of errors with every version, but introduce so many new style :(

edit: ok, reconnect doesnt work anymore. app is in an infinite reconnect-loop... :(

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