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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
The issue is marked solved because it is not caused by JDownloader. First of all, there have been no changes in Uploaded plugin since months. Also JDownloader has no way to use different IPs other then what you did setup in Settings-Connections. So when uploaded claims *too many different IP*, how should JDownloader cause this.

Also if it would be really caused *somehow* by JDownloader, don't you think that there would be MANY ḾANY reports about this?

All reported incidents (E-Mail, TicketSystem) about same issue were caused by
1.) ppl not knowing that they have multiple IPs.
1.1.) they simply dont know that their server/pc has multiple IPs
1.2.) ISP transparently changing IP (bad Timing)
1.3.) ISP does NAT/Proxy

2.) account sharing/hacking

3.) proxy/vpn users
3.1.) forgot to start VPN Client. Two different IPs
3.2.) changed used vpn endpoint/proxy, two/more different IPs

4.) Using reconnect feature a lot.

5.) Firewall/AV software causing this because of transparently checking URLs via Firewall/AV servers (you can read in forum about this, even this thread is about this)

6.) Some ISP even hijack connections and that causes multiple IP access (you can read in forum about this)
Despite all your rambling above, you failed to recognize one simple fact: The problem started immediately after JD2 updated. As for the complaints, they are all over the web. Just because they aren't in your forum doesn't mean they don't exist. Explain this: JD2 was downloading from UL via my premium account fine. JD2 notified there were updates available. The running DL's were stopped and JD2 updated when the flashing update available icon was clicked. As soon as update was complete, DL's could not resume due to "too many IP addresses" error. That error occurred as soon as JD2 attempted to verify the account. Considering NOTHING else occurred other than the JD2 update, that points squarely at JD2 being the problem! Did you not get a degree in comp sci? (FYI: I have a Masters in CS/CIS) Do you not understand how there is only one logical explanation when everything worked until the JD2 update and then immediately thereafter didn't? NOTHING ELSE CHANGED IN THE SYSTEM BUT YOUR SOFTWARE! In fact, other than the standard background windows and security, JD2 was the only software running at the time. No web browser. No productivity software (like Office or Outlook). Nothing. The ONLY programs running were JD2 and NIS. Don't try and blame Norton like you have in the past as it has nothing to do with them. Everything points at something within the JD2 update that broke what had been working fine immediately prior. FYI: UL now blames you (instead of TrendMicro) and you are basically blaming UL which leaves the actual end users nowhere and the issue definitely NOT SOLVED. TO further prove that it is JD2, I successfully downloaded a single file through the browser from UL via my Premium account. Since it was successful, I figured I could start and use JD2. As soon as JD2 was started, the too many IP's error came back when JD2 was verifying the premium account. Now tell me again how this is NOT a JD2 problem. Sadly, once the JD2 issue occurs, UL blocks all dl's again citing the multiple IP addresses used reason.
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