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It just happened again. I was able to download multiple files using every browser I have installed. Since they all worked without any problems I made the mistake of thinking JD2 would have no problems despite my gut telling me otherwise. Sure enough, as soon as I clicked the download button it went through several attempts to connect and then the error too many IP's being used occurred again. Like I said, there has to be something within JD2 that is apparently being misinterpreted by the UL servers. I have changed the settings but will have to wait until sometime tomorrow evening for UL to reset my account again. I will then post the logs per the instructions. I've attached two screenshots of the before and after showing the account settings. If you look at the time you can see how fast the error occurs. This was right after successfully downloading from the same account via Chrome without incident. All I did was click the JD2 download button.
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