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Thanks for the information. Changing the settings in JD2 made no difference even when set to all 1's - 1 block, 1 download, 1 connection per host - as it still has a problem connecting to UL servers. Luckily, I've stopped it from causing the too many IP's error because the behavior during the attempt to connect kind of gives it away. As for the other issues - web vs API - I cannot explain why that is the case. The ISP being the main problem is sadly very believable as TWC is now owned and operated by Spectrum Since the change there has been a steady downward spiral with regards to reliability of service. It would explain why the JD2 settings suddenly caused problems that will not go away no matter what. Basically, from what I was able to read in the logs myself, Spectrum, JD2 and UL do not and will not play together well at all no matter what settings are used. Back to the takes forever single file download via browser as JD2 has been rendered basically useless since Spectrum is the only ISP choice in my location.
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