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Thanks! I figured out how to do most of the things I wanted in packagizer.

There's an exception I don't know how to get around. When a condition is met more than once, packagizer can't seem to find any of the matches except for the last one. I'll post an example.

I put into "package contains" (and file name contains): "*【*】*" (minus quotes)

In "then set" package name I put "<jd:orgpackagename:1>[<jd:orgpackagename:2>]<jd:orgpackagename:3>"
and in filename I put "<jd:orgfilename:1>[<jd:orgfilename:2>]<jd:orgfilename:3>"

That works if there's only one 【 and one 】. But if there's more than one of each, only the last 【 and 】get changed to [ and ].

Here's an example of something with multiple 【, and multiple 】:
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

What I was expecting in linkgrabber is "OtakMori Translations - VTubers_[Hololive]Ollie Tricked Marine into Marriage After Multiple Rejections[Phasmophobia][Eng Sub]"

What actually shows up in linkgrabber is "OtakMori Translations - VTubers_【Hololive】Ollie Tricked Marine into Marriage After Multiple Rejections【Phasmophobia】[Eng Sub]"

As you can see only the last 【 and 】 gets changed to [ and ]. How could this be fixed to have all 【 become [, and all 】 become ], regardless of how many there are?

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