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Default [PLUGIN ISSUE] Downloading the most popular videos from a Youtube channel

these two commands *VIDEONUMBER* and *PLAYLIST_POSITION* are supposed to reflect the position of a video in a playlist.

The commands don't function properly when dealing with a channel aka user link. Since the channel link is rather generic, this issue can be easily fixed by either implementing a special treatment that detects the sorting order built-in the link, or simply by treating it like any other playlist link when it enters the buffer.

For example: The following is a CHANNEL link with its order sorted by the most popular. When pasting the link to JDownloader, it ignores the sorting order (most popular) and instead proceeds to catalogue the video order in a standard form (uploaded date).

exemplary channel link
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if one needs a reason to actually care to fix this, the most popular videos are often the ones most important and relevant within a collection. When downloading the entire channel, it's useful to know which of the downloads are the ones most impactful, which is the job of the command *PLAYLIST_POSITION* *VIDEONUMBER*, which unfortunately isn't working with a channel link.
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