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new entry <- maybe ? guess, not tested/confirmed
I sure overlocked this. Removed it then it works.

Also your above attempt to simply add "text=" multiple times will not work. You will then either need multiple .crawljob files or put all URLs in one line.
This turns out to be false. It it youtube specific. Sometimes it only detect link1 and sometime all 3 urls as layout below.

*.crawljob youtube example with multiple urls
text=youtube link 1
text=youtube link 2
text=youtube link 2

*.crawljob vemeo example with multiple urls - works without an issue
text=vemeo link 1
text=vemeo link 2
text=vemeo link 3

Also created a plain txt file as below with multiple urls and different hosts works as well

*.crawljob example with multipe urls in plain text with No other options
youtube link 1
youtube link 2
youtube link 3
vemeo link 1
vemeo link 2
vemeo link 3
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