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So I got Event Scripter installed now and I would like JD to do a few things after finished downloads but only to certain files.

I want to cut out the first 7 seconds of any video downloaded from saidwebsite

I have the ffmpeg command line in a .bat file now that I run inside the folder with the videos.

I also use the packagizer in JD for saidwebsite so files are grabbed and downloaded into specific folder - <jd:prop:username>

I would be very happy if I could automatize some of all this manual work.

After download what i specifically want to happen is 7 first seconds cut out of the video & the new file must overwrite the old file in the folder

Then I only have the renaming of files to do manually afterwards - but if possible I would like to have that automated too

I use bulk rename utility right now and I have a template that:
removing chars:
and removing words:
480p 4k 720p 1080p 1440p 2160p
It also capitalize the title.

I would also like to have the file prefix to be the performers name & I would like to have the performers username at the end of the title removed.

It sounds like a lot - I know - and it is a lot of manual work right now.

Any help getting this more automatic is really appreciated.

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