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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
I am unable to reproduce the error. Open the extraction log to check if it matches the regex pattern used in the script (just in case if it is language dependent), and modify if necessary.
I check. First error was 7zip binding made error. I put new 7zip binding in folder now no more 7zip error.

But still 'TypeError: Cannot call method "match" of null''

So I look in log folder. Interesting: 1s time manual extract => Error. When retry same file => No error.

Other error happen: Wrapped org.appwork.exceptions.WTFException:

Now I see there is /open folder in log folder. When extracting log goes in open folder then moved in extracting folder.
So I think null-error happen when log is still in 'open' folder so it cannot find it? Maybe this is reason? Or it wants find it in 'open' folder and it already in 'extracting' folder?
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