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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
That message will be displayed only on 'method of null' error (if 'log' is 'null'). This seems to be a different error which is thrown right at the beginning when executing "archive.getExtractionLog()" method, which disables the script and prevents the rest of the code from being executed.

Alternatively, you can use while loop to check the folder contents of 'open', and execute the script only after it is empty. It might then even work even without 'log = null' check.

Unfortunately I cannot test it since I am unable to reproduce the error. Feel free to find me in JD Chat if need any help with the script/troubleshooting.

I have new error now.
getArchiveFiles().forEach(function(archiveFile) {
    // Do something with each archive file
gives wrong name.
In single cases for example I manual extract file xyz.7z. But 'alert(archiveFile)' gives filename: xyz_2.7z.
When check I see file package name xyz with file name xyz_2.7z alrready in download list from earlier time.
So function not gives name from actual extract, but from some extraction earlier.
I can see in log from actual extract, that correct file xyz.7z i have select.

That is not good.
I see 3 times now. Always same: Extract file filename.7z manual. but name shows filename_2.7z and after check I see file with filename_2.7z already in download list from time ago. Actual log but show filename.7z.

Maybe it same reasen that makes bug I have report:

It's problem because I take 'archiveFile' for move file automaticall after extract. So when it gives wrong filename, file cannot find to move.

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