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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
Looks like it is related to the issue you reported. If the API method returns the wrong log, nothing can be done in the script to verify/rectify it.

If you can run a local file server, you can load the archive files to JD and generate 'local' download links which can be automatically extracted. While it may not solve the wrong 'log' or 'status' problem, you should be able to move the links using a script, without any issues.
I have other idea. Because extraction log is correct.
So must take correct extraction log and use instead.

So idea is to make manual: 1. Get extraction log
2. Open extraction log
3. And use 'Archive Path:'-value

Is there not API to extract values from log? I think would be useful if simply could make like: getLogValue(logfile).archivepath or getLogValue('Archive Path')

and result would be archive path like: 'c:\user\sherbee\downloads\xyz.7z'

So this could work? And how?
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