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Originally Posted by Mydgard View Post
... found a example eventscripter "Download zurücksetzen wenn Geschwindigkeit niedrig", can anyone explain a little bit?
Explanation is provided in script comments (green colored text).

Originally Posted by Mydgard View Post
Would like to use that only for rapidgator
Replace the example script with the following:

//check if downloads are running at all
if (isDownloadControllerRunning() && !isDownloadControllerStopping()) {
    var running = getRunningDownloadLinks();
    //loop through all running Downloads
    for (var i = 0; i < running.length; i++) {
        //check if download host is
        if (running[i].getHost() == "") {
            //check if the download has been running at least 30 seconds
            if (running[i].getDownloadDuration() > 30000) {
                //check if the current speed is below 50kb/s
                if (running[i].getSpeed() < 50 * 1024) {
                    //stop the download and restart it
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