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Originally Posted by sharkboy View Post

pspzocker maybe you do not have full knowledge of advanced settings, so maybe someone from other developers and I do not know why you have blocked the topic or you will not let someone from other developers guide me to solving the problem with advanced settings (expert DEV knowledge needed)
All of your posts are moderated because most of them are formulated in so poor English that we have to ask again 2-3 times to understand what you actually mean.
You are spaming our forums!

Originally Posted by sharkboy View Post
I care about the old installation, because it is specially set up, and it may seem impossible to transfer all the settings.

How do I send a file with my advanced settings (CONFIG)? And see what may be causing the problem.
What for?
1. You can reset individual advanced settings via the yellow arrow on the right side.
2. You can delete your config and restart JD --> There you go now you got a config with default settings.

Originally Posted by sharkboy View Post
Please not warn to me or ban.
You are banned again for violating our forum rules.

Stop asking JD-unrelated questions in our forum and use Google translate if you are unable to express yourself so that we can understand it.


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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
Originally Posted by James
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