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I do see the timer now, and now that it is pointed out, it looks like the renaming I do in the table at the bottom is getting interrupted by the timer expiration. Note that the timer does not seem to do anything else, as the package stays in Linkgrabber. All it appears to be doing is messing up my renaming.

Right now, the play button is grayed out, the pause button appears to be selected and have a checked checkbox in it, and the stop button is deselected. I'm not sure what this is telling me. Is this expected?

I should mention that sometimes (I have not done exhaustive testing) that the rename is unsuccessful--some of the last letters are missing. It may be that even though I finished typing, even though the package name in Downloads is complete, the folder name in my Save To location is short. For example,

package name typed, stopped by timer: I used to live in Fr
full package name, finished, shown in Downloads: I used to live in Frankfurt
folder name in save to directory: I used to line in Fr

This bug happened to about four of the dozen links I grabbed today.
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