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Originally Posted by ajp View Post
In the cfg/ folder there are two settings files for the update client. Don't know which one is used, but they each have an autoupdatecheckenabled boolean. doaskmebeforeinstallinganupdateenabled is also nice:

/opt/jd2/cfg  grep -ir autoupdate . 
./updateclient/Setup.json:  "autoupdatecheckenabled" : false,
Unfortunately doesn't help me much, as I don't have a backup here (or don't want to roll-back btrfs root... time to subvol /opt)
Thanks ... mine works again ...

changed "autoupdatecheckenabled":true to "autoupdatecheckenabled":false

in cfg\updateclient\Setup.json and cfg\org.jdownloader.updatev2.UpdateSettings.json

Like mentioned I used yesterdays backup.

However as well download speed within JD is now ridiculous slow .. No idea if this is associated.

Edit: Regular OCH downloads are fast .. http downloads (in this case from microsoft are slow).

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