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Originally Posted by FatWombat View Post
Hi Simon, great app. Thank you for creating it.
A small feature request: it would be great if you could implement an app extension to pass links directly to the app. This would be very helpful to avoid to copy and paste a link to the app.
Hi FatWombat

Sure, that's a feature that's now on the todo list.

Please understand it will take me a while to do it :(

I have a max of two hours a day to work on the app due to my day job and other commitments.

Some of the features that are going into the app take many, many hours to design and implement.

I'm currently working on implementing remote dialog support, so if JDownloader displays a dialog, you can answer it in the app. After that will be captchas, and then push notification for alerts.

I'll work on a widget and an app extension after those features.

If anyone would like to help test the app then please reply or PM me. There will soon be a version available to test that adds a dashboard screen where you can triggering remote updates and answering dialogs.

Also, I'm interested in localising the app (50% of users so far are German). The next release should include German translations, but I'm also interested in translating the app to French and Italian. If you can speak those languages or any other you want the app translated to then please get in touch.
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