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Originally Posted by yarando View Post
Hi Simon,

The App Looks good so far...
I've Downloaded it from the AppStore.

I've waited so long for such a App. So here is my offer to work as a Beta Tester.

Only thing is the Question for an iPad Version, cause most of the time I use my iPad to work with JD.

As a litte Feedback for your iPhone App... I've some problems to see and read everything on my screen.
I've added a Screenshot to show you what I mean...

I'm using an iPhone 6s and an iPad Air.

Hi Yarando

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a think about what you've said.

Regarding an iPad version, it's really hard to justify the work involved in creating such an app. This is mainly due to the amount of users who actually use the app on an iPad.

What I can quite easily is let the layouts stretch to fill the screen. It won't be designed for iPads but it will be usable. There's a lot more work involved with creating layouts that use the screen real-estate iPads provide.

Version 1.1 is already prepped for Apple submission, so I'll have a look at doing this for version 1.2.

If you want to test versions of the app before release, please PM your email so I can add you to the testers list.

I will post again when version 1.1 has passed AppStore submission. Version 1.1 includes kicking off JDownloader updates, answering dialogs and replying to captchas.
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