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If anyone on here is using the app, could you please spare a minute or so to leave a positive review on the AppStore?

There are a couple of bad reviews on there at the moment. It appears some users are entering incorrect credentials trying to log in, and the app is crashing. I've fixed this but it's not in the AppStore yet.

Apple have rejected v1.1 twice.

I'm no longer allowed to use the name MyJDownloader as this is against AppStore terms and conditions e.g. the app itself doesn't download anything so I'm not allowed to use that word in the title.

There is also issues with the 'Add links' screen. As it stands Apple will not let the app through whilst it allows the user to add urls directly into the app, so this screen is going to have to come out.

I've submitted an update for review which allows users to add links by browsing web pages. They should be reviewing the app either today or tomorrow.

If they reject this update I fear they simply won't allow updates to the app through at all.
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