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Default Garbage Collection problem

The number of links / packages are automatically removed when the download is complete, so the heap/memory should release ??? But on the contrary does not release! Why ?;)

Long record of active I/O small file on the disk causes a rapid increase in the use of RAM.
How to free up physical memory and virtual memory without restart JD2 eg. Every 20-30 minutes?

I start with the default settings JD2 (without parameters)

As shown in 3.88 GB / 3.88 GB / 3.88GB
it uses 80-90% of RAM and GUI slow to respond.
62K links
458 packages

I tried with different parameters, garbage collection - but its objective causes exhaustion of the cache/overflow/error Out Of Memory.
Parameters Garbage Collection is for advanced users.
I know nothing about it!

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