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It works now, but it would be great if you can add a final additional tweak, so in case I want to grab all the found subtitles for a determined title instead just a few selected ones, they get detected automatically and without extra files. I mean, from results pages like this one:

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

That kind of link should be processed automatically by the "clipboard observer", and just the relevant files should be added to the download list (rar/zip); they should be grouped as "Various Files" as well.

What do you mean?
Combining more than two of such rules?
Check out the json syntax (google).
As you maybe can see, rules are in an Array ("[]") and comma separated.
I mean, in the case I already have some previous rules over there and I want to add an additional one; it gets kind of tricky to add text the way one would do it in a regular text editor.
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