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For some reason my shell script (above) stopped working today, I don't know what changed, but there seems to be a problem getting the status, though the other parts work.

But rather than spending time to debug it, I tried the perl script from IamALoony, which works well - thanks for that! I couldn't get it to work as an External Batch command on my Mac, so instead I made it executable with:

chmod u+x

Then I used External Tool Reconnect, and put the full path to the script (including the script name), eg. /Users/sumyungguy/Documents/scripts/
Then put the password hash, calculated as described, in the Parameter box.

Btw., you can also calculate the password hash with this command on the Mac:

printf 'yourrouterADMINpassword' | md5 | tr -d '\n' | shasum -a 512 | tr -d ' -'

Or on Linux:

printf 'yourrouterADMINpassword' | md5sum | tr -d '\n -' | shasum -a 512 | tr -d ' -'
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