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It seems like that website has rate-limiting which our directhttp plugion can of course not handle.

Instead of an http errorcode & message, they're returning html code which then leads to your "file not found" errors:
<div class="ui horizontal section divider">429: Rate Limit Exceeded</div>
<p class="infotxt">
Sorry, but you have exceeded our rate limit.<br><br>
To guarantee better availability for our users, we limit the amount of simultaneous connections allowed on our servers.<br><br>
Currently our ROM directory is set to <b>2</b> maximum connections at the same time, trying to connect after that while those connections/downloads are open will result in this error.<br><br>
You may join our <a href="**External links are only visible to Support Staff**>Discord Server</a> for further information.<br><br>
This should be avoidable if you do the following:
1. Do not mass-add URLs of that site to JD.
2. Set max. connections per file and max. simultaneous downloads to 1 when downloading.

You should not run into their rate limiting again then!

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