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Use 64 bit java binary to run it with 64bit java
I only have the 64 bit java installed. But I thought JD brings its own Java vm? (At least my system java is "java version "1.8.0_65"" and JD says it uses 1.8.0_40.)
I just use the JDownloader2.exe so start it (and changed the memory part in JDownloader2.vmoptions).
Or do you mean simply running JD via the JDownloader.jar (aka c:\...\java.exe -jar c:\...\jdownloader.jar -xmx2048m ...)?

Anyway, according to the taskmanager the old JD is *32 and the new one is not marked (thus x64), so at least I know now how to see what version is used.

So can I somehow force the old installation to use 64 bit (with the way above or another one) or just migrate cfg/cfg2 folder to the new installation?

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