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I've traced through it, here is what I see:

On the first run after a reload it goes into window.onload, checks "recaptcha_challenge_image" and because it's not there does the 100ms timeout. Once that times out it goes through and sends the XHR request, which does a reload. xhr.onLoad is called, and it calls closeWindowOrTab() to close the tab. That goes through to the open(location, '_self').close(); try, which triggers a reload. Now we're back in window.onload, and history repeats itself.

I think the problem is that open(location, '_self').close(); triggers a reload on FF. Looking around it looks like that trick is not really very useful any more, it might make sense to retire it.

The real solution, which may or may not be acceptable to everybody, is to go into about:config and set dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows to true. That solves everything, as it allows the script to close the window/tab. I'm ok with that, I only use FF for JD2. YMMV.

Hope it helps!
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