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Default Random plugin errors/temporarily unavailable Cloudflare&Cloudflare + hcaptcha issues

Hi dear users,

as of 2020-03-30, the popular anti DDoS service provider Cloudflare ( has changed their captchas from googles reCaptchaV2 to hcaptcha (
Update 2020-04-16: Additionally, as of 2020-04-16, Cloudflare has introduced even more changes of their JavaScript which means even without captchas this will lead to failures!

This can- and will will cause issues with a lot of our plugins!
These issues will occur on premium mode too!

Cloudflare [hcaptcha] FAQ (Deutsche Version HIER)

I'am not even getting any captchas, why was my thread moved into this one / what does it have todo with Cloudflare?
As described above, as of 2020-04-16, Cloudflare can even cause issues for services using Cloudflare without captcha!

The old- and the new captchas are looking exactly the same, why does it not just work in JDownloader?
You are wrong - these are two completely different systems.
DEMO page of their previously used Google reCaptchaV2:

DEMO page of the currently/new used hcaptcha:

Screenshot of Cloudflare "Checking your browser" page - if you see this, a website is clearly using Cloudflare:

What can I do as a user?
  • Wait until we have added support for hcaptcha AND the new Cloudflare version
  • Notify the website owner and to read our advice below in this FAQ
    Website owners / admins of affected website can solve this issue server-side which means our plugin for the affected website would work fine again immediately!
  • If you are using a proxy/VPN, disable it and try again

What can I do as a website admin / owner if I want my website to be JDownloader compatible again immediately?
  • Completely disable Cloudflare or configure it in a better way:
    (Attention: since 2020-04-16, just disabling your Cloudflare captchas will not help - you might need to completely disable Cloudflare!)
  • Provide an API/2nd domain which is not affected by Cloudflare

Have these issues been caused by recently released JDownloader updates?
These issues were caused by the above mentioned change of Cloudflare.
See also:

Which services/plugins are affected by this?
There will never be a full list as we hope to have this resolved until too many are affected but you will find an (incomplete and not up-to-date) list just below this post.

Why do affected plugins still simetimes work fine and sometimes fail?
1. Website owners can always enable/disable Cloudflare.
2. It depends on how their Cloudflare is configured and also, if a website is e.g. under attack, Cloudflare will be more "aggressive" - also see "What can I do as a user" in the upper part of this post.
Some websites which are in general more "JDownloader-friendly" will additionally try to allow JDownloader users' traffic to pass Cloudflare

If you think you are having issues with specified plugins because of this change, you can post them below in this thread.
Once we integrated the Cloudflare changes, everything may go back to normal.
You may get this issue solved quicker by contacting the respective site-owners and letting them configure/disable their Cloudflare than waiting for a bugfix of our team!

Best regards,
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How to create a log || Wie man einen Log erstellt
Captcha FAQ EN || Captcha FAQ DE || Erste Schritte & Tutorials
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A users' JD crashes and the first thing to ask is:
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Do you have Nero installed?
That's true James
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