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Originally Posted by Think3r View Post
Yes, please deinstall Java update 20 and install update 17 which you can find in our download section.
And please don't upload your log to hosts, there is already an upload function. You could have compressed and packed it, too, then you should be able to attach it. Anyway, obey our instructions.
A friend and I have been both running JD. Interestingly, he's been running JRE version 20 and I had been running v19 and he hasn't run into the problem. BTW, my friend and I are running identical hardware and software.

I reverted to v17 and the problem hasn't occurred yet. However, I think I'll install v20 and see if that triggers the bug.

BTW, I tried the log upload function and it wouldn't let me post the log file, there was an error message about my not being a supporter and that private information could be contained in the log.

Is there something inherently wrong about posting the log file to a file host? After all, isn't that why the file hosts (and JD) exist?

BBTW, I made sure the size of the log file was smaller than the size that triggers the RS timeout, although, of course, anyone using JD would almost certainly have turned on the reconnect feature.

I didn't see the file attachment option until you mentioned it just now. Thanks.

I read the bug report rules before I posted my report. I've attached the rules that I read below.

1. I don't see a rule about not using a file host for logs.

2. I don't see a rule about using a compressed attachment or the log upload feature.

3. AFAIK, I followed the rules. I included a log file, and the kind of complete description of the problem that as a programmer I like to get (but never have, ever).

4. If using a file host for logs or requiring the logs to be compressed as posted as an attachment is a requirement, the bug report rules should be changed to reflect those requirements.

5. There's a saying, "No good deed goes unpunished". After reading a million complaints about people not including log files, I get slagged for including one in a way that was not prohibited by the rules that I carefully read before posting. It makes me feel depressed. :(


Exclamation RULES: General Bugreport
1.Include a log!

2.Include screenshots if you found a gui bug.

3.Give us a good description of what is wrong.

4.Don't push your threads too early because pushing threads (too early) = spam!

Additional information:

-problems with hoster/decrypter plugins should be posted in the hoster/decrypter plugins forums, NOT here!
-hoster/decrypter plugin requests go to Suggestions and Wishes NOT here!

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