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Originally Posted by Think3r View Post
I never said you contravened the rules, I just mentioned it.
It's just easier for us not to download from a host with wait times, especially when there are ways like I demonstrated.
And yes, you can't see the Log for you are no supporter, but me.
Don't worry, I will revise the rules soon, I've been a little busy the last time.
Anyway, I suggest you keeping to update 17 for they might occur other errors in update 20.
**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

Version 19 has some critical security fixes.

Is the plan for JD to forever freeze the JRE to use to ver 17?

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

I hope not because as time goes by JD users will be exposed to more and more security holes and will never benefit from JRE bug fixes. Check out the bug fix list for v18 and you'll see what I mean.

[forget the following paragraphs, I don't think the issue has anything to do with the JRE version, read the update at the bottom for details]

On a larger issue, have you communicated the problems JD has had with each new JRE update to Oracle/Sun? Obviously a new JRE shouldn't break existing code. The fact that each of the three new JRE versions causes bugs in JD is a disastrous turn of events for Java. They really ought to be informed about this situation.

BTW, on an even larger issue that has nothing to do with JD, Ive been astounded at the different kinds of bugs and experiences that I've read in this forum. As I mentioned, my friend and I use identical hardware and software, except he's been using JRE v20 and I had been using v19. He's never experienced the Linkgrabber problem I ran into.

I attended one of the very early seminars given by James Gosling back in the mid 90's. Java really wasn't supposed to be like this.


Update 1:

More irony. It appears that when I clipped the url for the bug list for JRE v18, JD picked up the url and attempted to process it through the Linkgrabber. At that point, the Linkgrabber froze and is still frozen as I type this update.

That's the url that the log upload feature returned. The log should show that I'm running JRE v17, not v19 or v20.

The Linkgrabber screen currently is displaying:

6u18.html#bugfixes-1.6.0 http links not checked.

That's obviously the JRE v18 bug fix list.

It's been about 5 minutes and the Linkgrabber is still stuck.

As a test I clipped a randomly chosen link from DepositFiles. The new link appeared in the Linkgrabber queue but wasn't processed.

I'm certain that the last time the Linkgrabber failed, it had picked up an http link of an article I clipped to email to a friend.

Update 2:

After waiting for a long time (maybe 20-30 minutes), the Linkgrabber screen eventually cleared. There must be a very long timeout when Linkgrabber encounters something unusual in an http link. Or it might be recursively chasing down subsequent child links found on the parent web page.

However, the automatic reconnect didn't work. I had to initiate a manual reconnect, which did work. Again, this is all occurring with JRE v17.

Update 3:

I updated to JRE v20. The JD screen updates and overall feel is much faster than with v17.

**External links are only visible to Support Staff****External links are only visible to Support Staff**

That link will cause the Linkgrabber to go into some kind of loop, it starts to check the online status of the file but never finishes.

My friend was able to reproduce the error with that link. He found that he could abort the Linkgrabber operation by clicking on the red "x" that is to the right of "Checking online availability". That worked for me as well.

That url is an obfuscated link that some forums use.

Update 4:

I downgraded to JRE v17 and tried that link and had the very same problem. So when running either v17 or v20, the JD linkgrabber falls into the same hole and gets stuck. It really doesn't look like it's a problem related to the JRE version.

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