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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post Read timed out
Connection Reset and such things. are NOT a JD problem!! this is not in our hands...these are 100% issues caused by something else (most times by wrong configured firewalls)

Thanks for replying but that doesn't really help me understand in my situation.
I am running win 2003, it doesn't have a firewall. In windows 2003 you actually have to install the windows firewall, it isnt bundled like xp etc. This isn't installed I just checked.

I don't have any AV software on it.
The network is perfectly configured.

Also, why does this happen when it gets to about 90% all the time on a file?
I could understand what you are saying above if it happened all the time but it seems funny that its random and never at the start of a file.
If i reset the same file it will come down perfectly, from the same server etc so that makes no sense at all.

I can use other download software like IDM and never have this problem.
If I can reset the file in Jdownloader and it comes down perfectly then why is jdownloader unable to resume the thing?
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