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Default Packagizer 'Download Directory' does not work

Packagizer 'Download Directory' does not work. At first, I think Packagizer itself does not work at all so I try more things and then I disable all other rule -although I know from what I read that JD apply by order so the last rule will be applied with any match. Then I change 'Package Name' or 'Filename' to <jd:subfolderbyplugin> or any string it works as expected so I know Packagizer is applied. But when I try to set 'Download Directory' with any String (after suspect <jd:...> not work), it's not work in any way -absolute path, relative path even with simply string as xyz.

Test this with any link (any image will do) in both of my notebook.
For now, I use with 'Package Name': <jd:subfolderbyplugin> but I hope I can make 'Download Directory' work so that it'll be folder structure instead of folder1_folder2..

About JD: Build Date: Wed Jan 09 13:36:58 CET 2019
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