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It works now by unselect 'Information overwrites packagizer rules' under 'Analyse and Add Links' box. I don't know why but it's selected by default in all of my installed JD. Hope this help someone face the same problem (attempt to fix this for multiple hours T,T)

- Anyway, I would like to know what 'Information overwrites packagizer rules does so that I know I didn't disable something good.
- And I hope packagizer have some match rule condition as <jd:subfolderbyplugin> is not empty so that I can apply <jd:packagename> for file without structure and <jd:subfolderbyplugin> with structured file. (it'll be path3/path1/path2/path3 if use both <jd:packagename>/<jd:subfolderbyplugin>)
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