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Encountered another one that repeatedly stops after a few mb:
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I know that Twitch stores vods in little .ts segments. There used to be a site which could fetch links to those for you when a vod wouldn't work in JD2, but that site stopped updating a while ago now and doesn't work anymore. I think is used something called a m3u8 playlist to get them.

Is there any chance, please, that there could be an alternate option added to JD2 for Twitch--to get those .ts links--so there is a fallback way to download a vod when the normal method fails. Please?

There would be several other advantages to having a .ts files way to download, too. The biggest probably being resume support, because I have always found those .ts files to be resumable. Downloading that way there wouldn't ever be hours of downloading lost because of a temporary internet hiccup corrupting a download.

You also wouldn't have to "double check" every single Twitch vod to make sure it really downloaded completely (because JD2 wouldn't erroneously say even incomplete Twitch vods were 100%). The more I think about it the more I realize how useful a .ts download method built into JD2 would be.

The major downside is having to join all those little files yourself. But that is much preferable to having no option at all to get something. Especially since any simple file joiner will do it. A video joiner like ffmpeg is not required to join .ts files.

I didn't mean to rant in the bug section. Should I post this at feature requests instead?
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