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Default Jdownloader from Raspi 2 Headless lose the connection many times to my.jdownloader.or


I have installed your app at my Raspi 2 with 1GB RAM and a USB-hdd of 2GB like this LINK and I have to install the my.jdownloader account via the console and the order
java -jar /home/pi/.jd2/JDownloader.jar -config
after that I have a connection direct to my account at

But this connection loses some times at the days and than I only get the start the jdownloader again in the console with this order
java -jar /home/pi/.jd2/JDownloader.jar
I have some log files under

but with should I have a look intoo to see the mistake why my jdownloader stops the connetion via internet to my account at my.jdownloader.or
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