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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
How can I see if a post is such a 24 hour story post? Any icon/indicator?
You can also post NSFW :p
I need the exact link to the post and not to the underlying content.

Thanks for your help
Hi - I did a little more research. Appears that it's usually not possible for a user viewing instagram through a web browser (desktop or mobile, I tested with a user-agent switcher) to see the 24 hour stories however...

I'm able to see the 24 hour stories using a Chrome extension called InstaG Downloader


For your convenience, I created a test/burner instagram account, credentials:
click edithistory

I've followed a few accounts as jdownloader12. Between these you should always be able to see a 24 hour story. Note that you'll also need to download the chrome extension above, for the stories to be visible.


I copied the entire story element before opening, and this was the code:

<img id="trayItemImage1" width="64" height="64" class="unseenStoryItem trayItemImage" src="**External links are only visible to Support Staff** title="svetabily">

I'm not an expert at code, but it seems likely that the class "unseenStoryItem trayItemImage" and img id "trayItemImage[1]" are key factors in figuring this out. It's not clear to me, though, whether the class/id are from Instagram, or produced by the extension.

Thanks again for your attention to this. Good luck!

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