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How in the world can this be marked "Solved"? It obviously is NOT SOLVED! The problem did not exist until the latest update to JD2 (Build Date: Tue Nov 14 17:48:05 CET 2017). As soon as JD2 restarted after that update the "too many IP addresses" error showed up. Before the update, it was downloading fine. I stopped the DL's in progress to let JD2 update itself. As soon as I attempted to resume the DL's after the update, the error message appeared. That is NOT a TM problem as I have NEVER used TM for anything and neither does my modem/router. This is a JD2 problem and a major one at that. Please don't mark an issue solved when it obviously hasn't. As for UL support, they claim to see no problems on their end whatsoever.
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