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The issue is marked solved because it is not caused by JDownloader. First of all, there have been no changes in Uploaded plugin since months. Also JDownloader has no way to use different IPs other then what you did setup in Settings-Connections. So when uploaded claims *too many different IP*, how should JDownloader cause this.

Also if it would be really caused *somehow* by JDownloader, don't you think that there would be MANY ḾANY reports about this?

All reported incidents (E-Mail, TicketSystem) about same issue were caused by
1.) ppl not knowing that they have multiple IPs.
1.1.) they simply dont know that their server/pc has multiple IPs
1.2.) ISP transparently changing IP (bad Timing)
1.3.) ISP does NAT/Proxy

2.) account sharing/hacking

3.) proxy/vpn users
3.1.) forgot to start VPN Client. Two different IPs
3.2.) changed used vpn endpoint/proxy, two/more different IPs

4.) Using reconnect feature a lot.

5.) Firewall/AV software causing this because of transparently checking URLs via Firewall/AV servers (you can read in forum about this, even this thread is about this)

6.) Some ISP even hijack connections and that causes multiple IP access (you can read in forum about this)
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