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Default Linkcrawler help

Sorry to be a bother but i have searched the threads repeatedly, as well as studied the answer you gave to anyone that is similar. Problem is where some of the links would be for me to look at to kinda get the idea, only staff can see so you are working with only half the puzzle to learn on your own and substitute. not sure of that can be turned off, but im sure it would help alot of people. seeing the full post so you can make educated guesses and use at regex one to figure out what you should put in place. But thats neither here nor there.
ive literally spent weeks looking here, and elsewhere trying to find a linkcrawler that i could mimic in some way, but without links makes it difficult. basically im trying to input a link from search such as
**External links are only visible to Support Staff**
and click each comic, find all the links associated with each one such as the mega, usercloud, tc links on this page
**External links are only visible to Support Staff**
then back to which ever search page 1,2,3 that it clicked on actuall comic and continue while clicking to next page. and so on so forth for whatever it comes across, while also crawling, page 1, 2,3, etc. if possible one rule to get every one it comes across and a second to actually search for specific title. in advance thank you and I hope i have given all pertanent info.
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