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Originally Posted by Jiaz View Post
Log does only show the "Flood detected: IP Locked #38" answer but no download/other activity. So no real hint what might have triggered this. Can you upload all logs so we can check for the amount of downloads/how many/fast those were? We still don't know what's causing those *flood detect*.
That is all you'll get from these logs (i.e. no bandwidth no speed etc). As the log wasn't captured during a download (i.e downloading from that hoster doesn't trigger this).

This issue is similar to;
When you have multiple accounts In JD2 it occurs when you start/restart JD2. The first account connects without any problem, but when it tries to connect to the 2nd account it triggers 'IP Flood' and 5 min wait for the next trial, and after 5min the account connects without any issue, but when it tries the 3rd account same issue triggers (and it goes on and on and on).

Something like this should fix this issue;
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