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Default Download speed issue (host

Hi, first of all sorry for my english, not my main language.

I've some issues today with the host My download speed is limited. I used jdownloader since 1years and it's the first time this issue appear.

My full speed download is around 37/38 Mbits/s. But today with jdownloader i'm limited at 12/13 Mbits/s

I have a premium account from so i can download at full speed

I tried to download one file for testing with Firefox



No problem at all, I download at full speed.

Second, tried with my last downloader manager


No problem here too.

Tried with Jdownloader

as you can see, the download speed seems limit.
I tried with my laptop with Wi-fi and My pc With ethernet. Same issue with both of them.
I reinstalled jdownloader thinking that it was maybe a bad setting ( I have not touched the settings for months), but nothing change.
Speed ​​limit is disable in jdownloader.

here is the log.
25.11.19 13.10.59 <--> 25.11.19 13.42.22 jdlog://2264230900751/

hope it can help, if you need anything else, tell me.

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