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Since you haven't read the rules, I will have to assume you are using Windows 95.

Do you mean the icon ? That would be very strange.

If you mean the little square button to the right of pause, I can believe there is a bug in there.

In JD's Settings - General, change the Logging level to All. Then, exit JD.
Please open a command window and change directories to the JDownloader directory. Start JDownloader like this
java -Xmx512m -verbose -jar jdownloader.jar -debug > log.txt 2> errlog.txt
This is instead of the JDownloader log, which is lost in the crash.

After you make JDownloader crash, make a rar archive from the two txt files. Return to this thread, click on Go Advanced, and then Manage Attachments. This will allow you to browse for your rar file, then press the Upload button to get the file attached to the message. Write a message saying what you did.
Please, in each Forum, Read the Rules!.Helpful Links. Read before posting.

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