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As of 0250 mem use:

902.7MB/1.83GB/1.83GB with Task manager showing 2.26GB. CPU use: bouncing between 20% and 65% on the JD process alone when in the download list, switch to Linkgrabber and the CPU use drops to 2% almost instantly.

Interestingly, if I close the Download Overview pane, CPU use of the JD process gets cut by 2/3rds- almost as much as going to a different tab. It is definitely related to "refreshing" data- moving counters, the speed scroll on top, the timers in the list, heck even the blinking update icon causes CPU spikes.

Overall memory usage is fairly constant- about 5.75GB right now. I can keep the system running for months at at time, though it was rebooted 4 days ago for updates. Right now it's not using the page file (swap memory) at all, perfmon reports under 2% usage with no swapping. It probably would get into the page file once JD memory got high enough, but it's not there yet.

I have a sneaky suspicion the problem may lie with the video driver. This isn't the only application that has had issues with it. I doubt it's AV related as I've added/removed/changed AV software and the problem neither got worse or better.

Links are a huge mix of all the "normal" filelockers.

Click image for larger version

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The screenshot above, the high CPU spikes are when I have the downloads tab active. The low CPU usage is when I have the linkgrabber tab active. It does spike a bit when captcha windows pop up, as well, but those big spikes there? That's 2 downloads running. The prior spike was one download running. And this is with the system behaving well- if I could get it into where it's REALLY slow, the graph would be pegged at 100% for tens of seconds at a time. But it has to be running for over a day to get in that state.
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