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Default (MegaUpload with JDownloader) 550kB/s before, 90kB/s now!


Firstly, I'm extremely frustrated at these speeds. Very slow speeds. Sometimes I get 40kB/s, sometimes 110kB/s, sometimes 90kB/s. And I download very big files, about 2/3GB files and it takes very long to download them, sometimes about 2/3days. And this is with MegaUpload, and this has been happening for about 3 months now, before I got fed up and posted here.

However, before this happened 3 months ago, it was good, 550kB/s straight! downloads would be finished in about 1 hour! This was good. Oh and by the way i'm not a MegaUpload premium account. So have I changed something? Is it MegaUpload? Is it my internet?

( By the way, I live in West London )