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Default MegaUpload not working

For around 2 weeks now MegaUpload has decided to not work with JDownloader.
This has really pissed me off coz JD is awesome and i use it every day and MegaUpload has always had superfast 1MB+ download speeds.

Now all i get is a 'Disconnect:Wait 9mins' Message in the status column of JD whenever i grab links for download. It makes no difference if i Flashgot them or Drag and Drop into the LinkGrabber.

I have then decided to use my firefox browser to try and download the links and i get a message that 'MegaUpload has received an elevated number of requests from this ip address (stating my ip) and that this maybe down to improperly designed 3rd party software'

This is their quote from their website.

Can this be down to a plug in error - has MegaUpload changed how their pages handle download managers.