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Issue 1#

Please understand well. The error occurs after a long time to download files.
Example. After a few hours of downloading files - An unexpected freeze connection...


Issu 2#

This is issue not related to the freezing connections.
This is another issue (not caused by freezing connections)

Only increase the simulation (last) causes complete unlock the PLAY button (START)

My last simulation - 20
Now - 3

Memory Effect Last Simultaneous - a phenomenon resulting in the loss of actual simulation connections. This is related to the previously been turned on [||] Pause for 20 simultaneous connections

New Video:

Please carefully at the video ~ 56 - 57 seconds of the film. After increasing the simulation = auto starts Pause !!! and autounlock Play [> LOL!:beta: Very strange?

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It is possible to add a new feature ? :-D

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