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Hi all,

I'm not sure if the problem I'm facing since yesterday is a NEW one or if it is covered already here ... but as far as I read the last posts here, the following seems to be a different problem - but I'll post it here anyway:

Since yesterday (or the day before?), with FF 49.0.2 and latest JD (Sat Oct 22 16:26:23 CEST 2016) everytime when the re-captcha via in FF is already solved successfully, JD starts looping by opening a new, empty re-captcha again and again.
This happens although the links have also been transferred to JD sucessfully ... good luck this all happens in the same browser window, so it doesn't start thousands of new browser windows ... it ONLY happens with the re-captcha , other captchas don't have any problems ...
I have already restarted both JD and the PC, but the problem still occurs ...
Is this a bug of JD, but why doesn't anybody else experience this (at least I couldn't find anyone here)?

Please help me ... if you need further info, just let me know.
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