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Originally Posted by Dockel View Post
How could one exclude downloads / files to be marked / handled as duplicates to avoid that(?):

Downloads links from zippy almost always / often are added to the link grabber and after to the download window named "file.html". In the download window some links change to their real name, some are keeping the old names (file.html, being marked as duplicate). Or when one clicks force download or check online status they alsways or often get its real names.
The script works by matching urls and not file names, so it should not matter. If a matching url is found in the text file, a duplicate download should hence should be marked as such. If it does not let me know, or did you mean something else?

PSP has fixed the file name issue with ZS, but I guess it is not live since core updates are pending. As a workaround, till the update is available, you can create a packagizer rule which can rename the file using file ID in the url.

If you desired workflow is different, I can modify the existing scripts or create a new one.
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