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The script works by matching urls and not file names,
OK, sorry, yes, I mean something different (I assume) so (assume) always when JD is showiing "file.html" in the grabber or download window (after adding it e.g. by the clip board)

it is marked as duplicate although it is not a duplicate (Could one avoid it so that it will be downloaded because it is not a duplicate). When I remove the duplcate comment the name of "file.html" will be changed to the real name and the file will be downloaded. Could one somehow make JD downloading it without having to do such? ?

PSP has fixed the file name issue with ZS, but I guess it is not live since core updates are pending
May be that is the cause? OK, so I had to wait for the upate, thank you.

If you desired workflow is different, I can modify the existing scripts or create a new one.
Thank you very much, the script cannot work any better.
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