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Originally Posted by mgpai View Post
PSP has fixed the file name issue with ZS, but I guess it is not live since core updates are pending. As a workaround, till the update is available, you can create a packagizer rule which can rename the file using file ID in the url.
Originally Posted by pspzockerscene View Post
He is asking for a script to work-around a Zippyshare plugin issue which has already been fixed but updates have not yet been released.
He can also easily work-around this by using packagizer rules to set the fileID of zippyshare URLs as filename though this might not work either as this will be set as final filename then.
It was a different issue for which I have provided a workaround in IRC. But you are right, the packagizer rule would not have worked to fix the file name issue. Would have required a script to replace 'forced' file name with 'final' file name.
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