Thread: [Solved] JDownloader steals focus
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Are you sure? There is a difference between "Window is on top" and "Window has focus"

If the Captchawindow has focus, the Textfield is flashing (Caret is flashing)

I guess, that GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.focustriggerforcaptchadialogs is not set corretly.

Please check the setting for GraphicalUserInterfaceSettings.focustriggerforcaptchadialogs

Originally Posted by Mystery View Post
The always on top problem seems to be fixed. But there are still some focus problems.
What I am always noticing is that JD seems to draw always a new window for less than a second.
What I am meaning is: always when the Captcha frame is coming I see in the background a clear white window for less then a second. Even if JD is minimized.
Another special thing is when the captcha frame comes while JD is minimized:
The Frame has definitely the focus but when I write the captcha nothing appears. If I click into the array after typing the captcha it will appear!
If I type the the captcha and press enter nothing happens until I click on the frame. Then it works as if I would have always typed into it. Very strange!
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